i love how we invite friends over to have a good time and they go around and look at the food we have. and make remarks on how its horrible for us but they are still over weight..just shut up and have a good fucking time and enjoy food ass hole mother fucker!


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Excellent and concise infographic.

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Are there any home remedies for endometriosis, or anything I can do for it besides getting back on the pill? I really don’t want to get back on birth control and I’m afraid I won’t be able to get a consistent pain killer prescription. I don’t know what to do.

ask your doctor about taking omega 3 fatty acids, i heard it helps with inflammation. or taking multi-vitamins that doesn’t have glucose corn syrup, gluten, or soy in it. it may or may not help. there are herbs and oils that can help. im not 100 percent sure because those who suffer with endometriosis react differently to certain things. 


yeah some people who suffer with endometriosis don’t have symptoms and some have excruciating pain not just of their period but continuously having pain. some can have kids with endometriosis and some can’t. sometimes medication helps relieve the symptoms and sometimes it doesn’t. some who have surgery feel better, and some get worse. i have endometriosis. and i suffer from constant pain 24/7. its horrible. i’ve tried treatments but the side affects were just too much for my body to handle. it may  look like i am not in pain, because i can do tasks at work..but TRUST ME. i’m in agony. i am just good at hiding it at most days. some days when the pain is bad at work, i get very moody and bitchy. i can’t help it. it just comes as it pleases and it doesn’t go away, thats why its called a chronic illness. i need to work to pay  bills, and rent. i know there are girls on here who have a job and deal with constant pain just like me. just so you know. you are so STRONG! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. because they have no clue what we go through on a daily basis. a co-worker of mine thought i hated people..i was like what? i don’t hate people. she told me well, i look like i do. sorry if i have a bitch face everyday its because i am in PAIN! when a customer comes by i do smile and greet them. when they leave i go back to doing work. never EVER judge people of their outward appearance it just makes you look like an ignorant asshole.


im kind of worried…i was taking two different progesterones to stop my peirod. I’ve been on it for a little over 6 months and had to stop taking them. so idk wwhen im supposed to have a period. kind glad to don’t have one yet. but still.. i would get cramps like im going to start but still no period. i know for a fact im not pregnant because we’ve used protection everytime we have intercourse and he doesn’t ejaculate inside me at idk. i will wait and see.if still no peri


Heal thyself…heal the world. #peaceandlove #ganjagals #stonerchicks #justrelax #andinhalesomegoodshit #haha #weed #420 #highlife #goodnight


Heal thyself…heal the world. #peaceandlove #ganjagals #stonerchicks #justrelax #andinhalesomegoodshit #haha #weed #420 #highlife #goodnight

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 nope i am going through the same thing, i still didn’t get a lap to officially diagnose me with endo. my doctor told that its mostly that you have endo but i am not doing the surgery because there is no cure and im worried of the risk and how it won’t benefit me because there is no cure.. so she put me on norethindrone which has only progersturone to stop my periods. it did help the constant pain. it was still there, just comes and goes but the side effects where killer. i didn’t want to give up not the meds, so i put up with the headaches. i did do pt which helped a little bit as well. but not completely. the headaches were getting worse i was on it for 7 months and then new sysmptoms where happpening. i was having chest pain, and low back pain. i couldn’t handle it anymore. i wasn’t getting any sleep. so i got off of it and in a week i had no headaches, chest pain, or low back pain. although i did get really bad cramps and spotting but no period. so i saw my gyn told what was going on. and she told i don’t think it was the pill. it was probably your anti inflammatory meds. when on the bottle of norethindrone it says it may cause headaches! and then a shit ton of side effects. i was like really? no, i just put up with it till this point to where i couldn’t handle it. so she put me on a higher dose of progeterone.called provera the pill. i tried that and i did get headaches but really bad i called a nurse she told me to take it with food and take it at night. so i did that for a couple of days, i still had nausea. so i called back the nurse and she said i can be off of it for a couple days. and since i’ve been off of it no nausea. the problem i have now is i don’t have insurance so i can’t schedule an appointment to see a different obgyn to do the lap. but you are not alone when it comes to doctors not listening to you and think taking fucking pills with solve the damn problem..

I know myself am I a little creeped out by these photos, but I’ve never seen anyone else’s surgery pictures posted.

Um, I have stage 3 Endometriosis…  

I also had Ovarian Torsion, which left me with now only one working Fallopian Tube… In IMG 24, you can also see that my Uterus is stuck to the roof of my stomach..  And IMG 25 is the finished project.

They gray sacs you see, are my blood filled ovaries, and the white, is my actual ovaries.

I guess  I’m posting this… Because I’m tired of my doctors telling me things that I know not to be true. In 2008, I went to a GYN three times in a row asking to have a laparoscopy done, she told me I was too young, and put me on birth control.

And… Honestly, I thought the pain was bad before… It only got worse with medication. I could hardly eat, always warm (which before only occurred with  PMS) I was constantly vomiting. And the pain… It felt like it spread. I stopped the medication, felt better within days.

Went back to my GYN, told her the medication didn’t work, requested yet again if she could test me for endometriosis… Denied again. Put on more medication again.

Still didn’t work. I went to her one last time… Nothing. I never went back. Found a different GYN, once again asked about endometroisis… More birth control… More vomiting… 

I ended up in the hospital twice. First time… I stayed five days because the whole “Upper left quadrant” of my body was swollen, also with two ruptured cysts. I was told I had a bad Kidney infection and PID. (PID - Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection of a woman’s reproductive organs. It is a complication often caused by some STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea. Other infections that are not sexually transmitted can also cause PID. (At that age, I hadn’t even thought about sex, let alone have it)

Went back again… This time… they did nothing. Told me one of my ovaries was swollen (About to rupture), and gave me some  antibiotics and sent me home.

Third time I went in, Ovarian Torsion. They never told me what was wrong, just hooked me up to some medication and told me I needed surgery ASAP.

And I was so happy. Because I was finally getting taken care of. (August, 25, 2013)

I woke up in bed… And I still had no clue why I needed surgery, apparently my doctor talked to my mom, but not me.

And I honestly couldn’t believe when that same first GYN, was my surgeon, and she started yelling at me, telling me that now I lost all function to my right Fallopian tube, and that if I new I was having problems that I should have talked to a GYN. 

And that yes, I had endometriosis, stage 3, which also could have been treated.

And for some stupid reason, I went back to her for a check up… More birth control. And this time a prescription for ibuprofen. Which didn’t help. I even asked for a prescription for nausea medication (knowing full well, that I wouldn’t be able to keep much down without it.) Which got denied.

And the whole time… I just… Listened to her babble on about how she new my body better then myself, and that side effects were worth the results. And I can tell you, I felt a hell of a lot better waking up after surgery, then I did on that medication, pain and all.

And I am so tired of people not understanding. I’ve had to go through a lot, which could have easily been avoided had they just listened to me… And realized that they weren’t me. That they didn’t know what I was going through.

I guess the only saving grace I had was my actual doctor, like I guessed, the birth control, made me sick, light sensitive, warm, dizzy.  and nauseous. And pain, so much more pain. With my request, he gave me nausea medication, then also prescribed me a pain killer, Tramadol.

And while on “Errin” the birth control, Tramadol really did help. Which wasn’t much, because I still wasn’t able to eat much. I stayed on Errin for 7 months before quitting. And it took about two weeks before I felt better again. (Though this new pain stayed)

I still have pain, but I hardly ever have to take the Tramadol to help with the pain.

And… I know this is scattered… But… I just finally need someone to listen and to realize that yea, I’m not actually doing all right.

And maybe that someone can talk to me… And maybe they might have had the same things happen, maybe even have the same adverse reaction to the medication. And if maybe they found another way to treat it.

But one things for sure… I know doctors won’t listen… Will once again put me on that horrible medication and tell me that they are doing whats best for me.

Hope no one else had to go through the same thing…

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